Family gun massacre ‘leaves four dead as soldier shoots ex-girlfriend, her child, her new boyfriend and his mother'

Saturday, March 02, 2024
 – A family gun massacre has left four dead after a soldier shot his ex-girlfriend, her child, her new boyfriend, and his mother in Germany.

The incident happened at 3:30 this morning.

Police armed with submachine guns stormed the property in Scheeßel in the district of Rotenburg after reports of a shooting.

Police told German newspaper Bild there were 'several victims' inside the property.

The soldier's age and motive are not yet known, however, the police have said they do not rule out that it is 'a motive in the family environment'.

Police spokesman Heiner van der Werp told Bild that the incident was a 'family story'.

The police presence continued throughout the night and into the morning with officers at Rotenburg train station and houses being surrounded.

Then, at dawn, police say the suspect handed himself in.

Ammunition and explosives were found in the soldier's car, leading the police to begin a search of the von Düring barracks in Rotenburg.

The car was parked outside his barracks.

Police found a Molotov cocktail in the side compartment of the driver's door as well as several magazines for firearms and other ammunition, all of which were seized.

It is still unknown if the suspect's weapon was a military firearm. 

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