A seemingly depressed Kikuyu lady causes fracas at a business premises - Imagine having such a wife in the house? (VIDEO).

Wednesday, March 13, 2024 - An unidentified Kikuyu lady was filmed causing fracas at a business premise and harassing the staff for petty reasons.

She reportedly got mad after the female attendant talked to another client who walked in as she was being served.

She accused the staff of disrespecting her, leading to a heated argument.

A male attendant was forced to intervene and come to the defense of his colleague when the situation escalated.

“Why are you rude to my colleague? This is unacceptable,” the attendant called out the woman.

The woman went on and shamelessly threw money at the attendant after being served and called her stupid.

“You are headed straight to hell. That is why you are broke,” she taunted the attendants before removing some notes from her purse.

She threw the notes to the attendant and demanded to be given change.

However, the attendant refused to pick up the money.

After she was done with the attendants, she confronted another lady who was standing by watching as the drama unfolded.

The concerned lady called out the woman for being rude and arrogant, leading to another heated argument.

“Mind your business or I call the police,’” the arrogant woman was heard saying before walking out.

Watch the dramatic incident.


The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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