You took us for a ride and made us look like fools – Mt. Kenya residents now tell RUTO and GACHAGUA

Saturday, February 17, 2024 – That Mt. Kenya region is so fed up with the government of President William Ruto and his Deputy, Rigathi Gachagua, is not in doubt.

So fed up that residents have started heckling leaders in rallies attended by Ruto and Gachagua, a clear indication that all is not well in the restive Mt. Kenya.

The residents have lately been expressing frustration over over-taxation, increasing poverty, poor returns for their coffee and tea, high cost of living, and unfulfilled promises by leaders they elected.

In December last year, a survey by TIFA revealed that 85 per cent of residents from Mt Kenya said their economic condition was far much worse than in 2022 despite overwhelmingly voting for the Kenya Kwanza government.

This is despite Ruto's numerous visits to the region, the latest being his tour of Kiambu and Muranga counties.

Residents now feel that Ruto and Gachagua took them for a ride and have turned them into the laughing stock.

“Our people are not happy at all with this government. It is just a matter of time and you will even have leaders you never thought of coming out publicly to tell the President off,” Jubilee Party Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni stated.

 “Our people have been turned into beggars that nowadays sell macadamia nuts at funerals. Ruto has literally handicapped us to a point where the once vibrant community is now begging at the trenches.”

“He planted a seed of hatred. He has found it fashionable to insult retired President Uhuru Kenyatta. He has a party for his community while he doesn’t want others to have their own,” he added.

Political analyst Albert Kasembeli said the main reason the region is uncomfortable with the government is its failure to honour campaign promises.

“The region massively supported the administration with over 80 percent and they were promised heaven which unfortunately is not the case today. 

"They are feeling betrayed,” said Kasembeli.


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