Woman reveals why she stopped actively participating in a popular online prayer challenge

Thursday, February 15, 2024
 – A woman has explained why she stopped participating fully in a popular online prayer challenge this year.

The X user explained that while others give testimonies after participating in the Hallelujah Challenge, she checked her diary where she wrote down her prayer requests during previous challenges and discovered that none of the things she prayed for happened for her.

She wrote: “I haven’t been able to fully partake in this year’s #HallelujahChallenge because I went through my diary and none of things I wrote down happened for me. I felt broken. Also hearing others testimonies made me very sad, not jealous but I asked where did I go wrong?”

She added: "The only times (3/7 days)I join, I just go off after some minutes because I can’t fully connect wholeheartedly. I choose to rather sleep than have my hopes go down the drain again. I haven’t written down anything this year just vibes.

“But I am back again and God will answer me.”

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