Watch the instant miracles that BENNY HINN claimed he performed at Nyayo Stadium - Is this real or stage-managed? (VIDEO).


Monday, February 26, 2024 - Over the weekend, controversial American televangelist, Benny Hinn, hosted a two-day mega crusade at Nyayo Stadium that was attended by thousands of Kenyans.

A video of the popular televangelist reportedly performing instant miracles during the crusade has emerged.

In the video, Hinn is seen claiming that a man who was deaf for years had been healed.

“He was deaf but God opened his right ear,” he says as music plays in the background.

He further parades a woman whose tumor miraculously disappeared after he prayed for her.

He also claimed that he healed a woman who had stage 4 cancer and another crippled woman who had been involved in an accident.

A social media user shared a video of the visiting televangelist performing the alleged miracles and wondered why he couldn’t go to Kenyatta National Hospital or the Nairobi Hospital and heal the sick if at all his miracles were real.

Benny Hinn can perform miracles and heal the sick at Nyayo Stadium, but healing only 1 at Kenyatta National Hospital or Nairobi hospital is where he draws the line,’’ wrote the X user.

Benny Hinn’s alleged miracles are shrouded in controversies, despite his popularity across the globe.

Kenyan gospel musician Reuben Kigame happens to be among Hinn’s top critics.

On his Facebook page, Kigame alleged that the preacher's sermons are not based on the Bible.

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