US fugitive KEVIN KANG'ETHE's relative reveals why he set him up and tipped off the police on his whereabouts – This is betrayal of the highest order!

Thursday, February 15, 2024 – Murder suspect and US fugitive Kevin Kang'ethe's relative has revealed the real reason why he informed police officers about his whereabouts, following his escape from Muthaiga Police Station on February 7.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the kin clarified that he sought to guarantee Kang'ethe's safety by negotiating an agreement with the police to refrain from using firearms against him.

He added that the deal also involved releasing Kang'ethe's brother and other relatives who were in custody for being accused of aiding the suspect.

"I decided to inform the police to ease the process as some of our members are also in police custody. 

"Also, for his safety so that he can stop running away," he stated.

"We wanted to save his life by him not being shot, we would rather that he's found alive and handed over to the United States."

In a detailed explanation of how he executed the plan, Kang'ethe's kin stated that the suspect was planning to leave the country but sought to contact his associates to finalise the process.

He revealed that the suspect arrived at the apartment in Ngong on Tuesday, and sought to use the premises as a hideout before securing his plans of leaving the country.

"So, I left the house and distracted him a bit. I could sense that he was tense. I informed him to converse behind the apartment along a corridor. 

"After an hour of talking, I distracted him enough for the police to come and arrest him," he noted.

"He put up quite a fight and police tried their best to control and after being arrested he was taken to Ngong Police Station."

The informant disclosed that Kang'ethe had no phone at the time of his arrest but was looking for a way to contact his lawyer and relatives in police custody.

"He told me that there was a deal going through and that he didn't escape but just walked out of the station," the informant elaborated.


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