US-based African LADY reveals why she has stopped sending money to her family in Africa (VIDEO)

Monday, February 5, 2024
 – A US-based Guinean lady has given reasons why she has stopped sending money to her family in Africa.

In a video that has gone viral, the lady said she visited her home country eight years ago and discovered she had been funding the lavish lifestyle of many of them.

She said she realized that her folks back home are living a life she who works for money in the US does not live.

‘Every time I go to Africa, especially lately, the lifestyle they are living there is just ridiculous. These are the people that you basically feed, pay their rent, and when they get sick you pay for that but these people are living their best life out there. They go to the most expensive hair salons, the most expensive nail salons. They are living large. They are out there drinking juices all day.  They are going clubbing, buying Shisha, spending $15 on Shisha, living this glamorous lifestyle that you don't even have in America..and I just sit there and I am like ‘I am the one funding this lifestyle. I don't even have this lifestyle.''

She said unlike her who cut down expenses when times are rough, those in Africa have no need to cut down on expenses as they believe they have folks in the US who will send them money to continue their luxurious lifestyle.

She said for her now she only sends money when it is an emergency.

Watch the video she shared below

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