UDA Senator ALLAN CHESANG protests after RUTO forcefully evicted 100,000 residents to pave way for his controversial housing project

Friday, February 2, 2024 – Trans Nzoia Senator Allan Chesang is up in arms against President William Ruto after he evicted his residents to pave the way for his controversial housing project.

Thousands of Trans Nzoia County residents are counting losses after their homes were demolished on Friday to pave the way for the housing project.

According to the UDA Senator, the demolitions, which were carried out under the supervision of the police, left a trail of destruction rendering over 100,000 people homeless. 

While commenting on the matter, the youthful senator faulted both the County and National governments for not providing alternative land for the affected people. 

He argued the government should have prioritised compensating the victims before forcefully evicting them. 

To repair the damage, he advised the government to enter into a deal with the residents who were willing to negotiate as the demolition of properties, posed a potential crisis and displacement for his people.

“I want to plead with the government on behalf of Trans-Nzoia people living in government land. 

"It is painful that the government that the people of Trans Nzoia County voted in are chasing them from their land. These are people that bought land from other people," grieved Senator Allan Chesang.

"The government has brought an army that has never been seen in this area. 

"These soldiers are marking the beacons and chasing away the residents. It is against my wish," Chesang lamented.

Social amenities such as schools and hospitals were among the structures that were affected by the demolitions. Chesang highlighted that the Cherangani Level 4 hospital which was serving thousands of residents was also brought down. 

He thus urged Ruto to revisit his directive, visit the area, and listen to the genuine concerns of the affected population. 

"Families have laid their loved ones to rest on this land. The notion of exhuming bodies is both distressing and morally challenging. 

"I urge His Excellency to consider the precedents set by other governments, avoiding the drastic step of demolishing properties," he pleaded.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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