Twist as it emerges that KIPTUM’s father lied on TV – He knew the 4 mysterious men who visited their home 4 days before his son died

Friday, February 16, 2024 - The investigations into the tragic death of Marathon legend Kelvin Kiptum took another twist.

This is after it emerged that Kiptum’s father, Samson Cheruiyot, knew the four men who showed up at Kelvin Kiptum's home days before his tragic death contrary to what he reported.

Cheruiyot had urged the police to look into the four strange men who were at his house to ascertain whether they had something to do with his son’s death.

However, the four, who presented themselves to DCI for grilling, denied being strangers to his family

Two of the men were identified as Noah Kemboi and Duncan Ruto, while the others have yet to make their names public.

The men explained that they were welcomed to Kiptum's home and had a discussion, which they considered to be fruitful, before having tea.

They disclosed that Kiptum's father even prayed at the end of their discussion before they took photos together.

"I myself went there as our lawyer said, and we had a very good discussion. I was there, I prayed, we talked very well, and in the end, Kiptum's father also prayed last, and we were served tea, and we had conversations that we ourselves felt were very good. 

"In the end, I was able to exchange numbers and later took pictures outside. I was only shocked the other day when I heard that we were strangers.”

“I gave out my number, we talked, and I identified myself even at home; the mzee knew our home. I was only shocked when I saw in the media that I was a stranger. 

"But then I want to take this opportunity to say I know the old man said so maybe because of how he was grieving," said one of the men.

They explained that it was unfortunate that the meeting they had with the family had taken a new twist, away from what they intended.

According to the four, they were innocent of any wrongdoing, adding that their discussion would have benefited the family, too.


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