Forget RUTO or GACHAGUA’s 'meagre' salaries, see the mouth-watering salary that RAILA will earn and the power that he will wield if elected AU Chairperson

Friday, February 16, 2024 - Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s bid for the African Union Chairpersonship has gained momentum with the backing of former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo.

If elected AU Chairperson, Raila will wield immense power in the continent and his remuneration will be mouth-watering.

As detailed in the AU mandate, the chairperson has 12 statutory roles and gets a monthly salary of Ksh2.4 million (US15,576.75) among other hefty perks.

If he clinches the seat, Raila will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer, Legal Representative, and Accounting Officer of the Union.

The main responsibility of the holder of the lucrative post is to be the administrator and enforcer of the AU. He will also be tasked with preparing the budget of the Union which runs to billions of shillings.

On the diplomatic front, the Chairperson is mandated to champion AU's objectives and interests in the global arena. 

Therefore, the holder of the office is required to attend various continental engagements including summits such as the US-Africa summit and Italy-Africa summit among others.

Additionally, the Union's CEO also chairs and determines the agenda of the African Union Commission (AUC). As CEO, he will also determine the size and structure of the Commission including key appointments to be made to various posts.

Should Raila get elected, he will also be the recipient of all AU treaties and legal instruments.

However, as the chairperson, he will be answerable to the Heads of State and will be required to prepare reports required to help the leaders make decisions for the Union and the continent.

Besides the Ksh2.4 million monthly salary, the AU Chairperson is also entitled to a monthly rental budget of USD6,000 (Ksh933,000) which will include rent and payment of utilities such as electricity.

On the other hand, should Raila get elected, his wife, Ida, will also get a monthly facilitation of USD500 (Ksh77,750) per month.

Notably, the AU also pays 100 per cent fees for the Chairperson's dependent children studying in Africa or any other part of the world other than Europe and North America.


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