Trouble as WAIGURU convenes a crisis meeting for Governors to stop RUTO by any means necessary – Look!

 Tuesday, February 20, 2024 – President William Ruto is headed for a serious clash with governors after Anne Waiguru convened a crisis meeting of governors to stop the president’s nefarious plot against them.

The Council of Governors called for a crisis meeting on Thursday aimed at discussing the clash between county governments and the national government over devolved functions.

While announcing the emergency meeting, the county leaders stated that the national government has seemingly appeared intent on encroaching on some devolved functions.

It is reported that 18 governors are expected to attend the meeting, where they will deliberate on the way forward regarding the deepening row.

The governors have alleged that the national government has been using underhand tactics and quoting different figures for select functions such as Health, Housing and Trade.

In the deepening tiff, all the governors declined to attend the launch at the Deputy President's home on Friday, where Gachagua presided over the launch of the Stipend Payment of the County Health Promoters Programme (CHPs).

It is alleged that all the governors snubbed the invitation even after calls were made to have them arrive at the launch later in the day. 

The stipend will attract an excess of Ksh250 million, according to the governors, in payment to the county workers, an amount which the governors term as exaggerated.

According to the counties, they are opposing an allocation of Ksh3 billion to be made to county governments for the payment after the DP called upon the Treasury to release funds to support the payments.

Further, the governors have raised alarm over the national government’s failure to allocate funds to the counties citing the roles that the national government has taken such as housing and health promotion.


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