This is why RUTO will never succeed as ALFRED KETER drops a bombshell – Look! No wonder he is making terrible decisions


Tuesday, February 6, 2024 – Former Nandi Hills Member of Parliament (MP) Alfred Keter has predicted doom for President William Ruto, suggesting that he may never succeed, no matter how hard he tries.

Speaking during an interview, Keter hit out at Ruto, accusing him of double-speak.

He affirmed that Ruto was heedless and that he often surrounded himself with people who only said yes to him and that’s why he will never succeed as president.

The former legislator went on to state that the president often perceived himself as a 'know-it-all' regardless of whether his policies were reasonable or not.

"He cannot take advice from anybody and the day he will change maybe and from the look of things I don't see him changing. You cannot advise him, he is an expert in economics, health issues, security matters, loans, infrastructure, transport, every sector," Keter said.

He, at the same time, poked holes into Ruto’s affordable housing project, which he says is a sham project that should not be implemented.

The vocal politician underscored that taxing someone for a project that he/she will not benefit from was unrealistic.

"The housing issue is a scam, you cannot tax someone and then someone else benefits from it, this houses mnajenga kwa shamba ya public, it has never been de-gazetted from public land to private because individuals who are buying these lands are buying on their capacities as private," he added.

Further, Keter wondered why the government is focused on demolishing houses while insisting that it wants to build houses for Kenyans.

The politician wondered what was so special about the houses that the president was hesitant to let go of the project.

"Mbona unabomoa manyumba za watu na unataka kutujengea nyumba? 

"Is there a better way? Why don't you look for land somewhere? 

"What is affordable about these affordable houses? 

"Cause they are expensive kushinda hizi private and you are using my money and land and it's still expensive," he added.


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