GATHONI WAMUCHOMBA offers RUTO free advice on how he can fix the economy without relying on busybodies like DAVID NDII and NJUGUNA NDUNGU


Tuesday, February 6, 2024 - Githunguri Member of Parliament, Gathoni Wamuchomba, has offered President William Ruto free advice on how he can fix the economy, which is currently in the intensive care unit due to hyperinflation and weakening of the shillings against other foreign currencies.

Since Ruto took over the helm of governance 14 months ago, the Kenyan economy has been performing so poorly, that even investors have started shifting their companies to other neigbouring countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Ethiopia.

Though the government is pretending everything is well, Wamuchomba, who is a fierce critic of the Kenya Kwanza Alliance administration, noted that the Head of state needs to do away with his current team of advisors for people who have interacted with people at the lower levels and understand what needs to be done.

She insisted that once such a team is constituted, the first thing they must do should be to repeal the Finance Act, of 2023, which the legislator termed as punitive.

"President Ruto should do what Kibaki did, sit down and come up with an economic advisory team. Get serious economists, people who are in touch with the ground, not people who wear expensive ties with many titles," Wamuchomba said.

"People who have run Cooperative Societies can tell you what is it they require to get the revamp. He should create a team that will start from repealing the Finance Act, 2023."

She added that it is also time the country stopped looking to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to get us out of the economic hole Kenya is in.

"We must not make IMF our economic adviser because IMF is not our friend. IMF is our trader," the MP said.


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