TAYLOR SWIFT's father investigated for allegedly attacking paparazzi

Tuesday, February 27, 2024
 – Singer Taylor Swift's father, Scott, is now being investigated for allegedly attacking paparazzi in Australia.

New South Wales Police Media Unit told TMZ that they are investigating an alleged assault that was reported to them on Sydney's North Shore on Tuesday morning. It was gathered that a photographer named Ben McDonald filed the complaint.

The police were told that a 71-year-old man believed to be Scott allegedly got into a physical confrontation with a 51-year-old man (McDonald) at Neutral Bay Wharf at about 2 AM Tuesday as he was exiting the area.

The alleged victim reported this, and now it's on the radar as they probe what exactly happened, and whether a crime was committed. The cops noted that the alleged victim did not require medical treatment.

McDonald seemed to have captured at least a piece of this altercation. In the video, you can see and hear Ben manning the camera as Scott and a bunch of security guards clear the path for him as he makes his way from the dock area, and as Scott gets closer, one of the guards with an umbrella who seems to be trying to obscure the view of McDonald gets awfully close and you can hear what sounds like a scuffle ensue.

McDonald told the Daily Mail that Taylor was with Scott here and that they were arriving from Homebush on a yacht when all this went down. Photos of their arrival were captured by paps on the ground including McDonald and you can actually see Taylor walking through with an umbrella over her entire torso as Scott guides her through the pap crush.

Taylor and Scott haven't addressed the incident.

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