Hitman mixes bleach into communion wine to murder priest

Tuesday, February 27, 2024
 – Police are investigating after a priest almost sipped bleach instead of wine during Mass in what is the latest in a hate campaign of intimidation against him.

Father Felice Palamara was just about to take a sip from the chalice during Holy Communion when he smelt a strong odour of cleaning product and stopped just in time.

The chaotic scene unfolded in front of dozens of worshippers at the Church of San Nicola di Pannanconi near Vibo Valentia in southern Italy.

Police were immediately called to the church, and took the chalice away for further examination. It was later confirmed that the wine contained enough bleach to cause the man's death.

The priest has a reputation for speaking out against organised crime in the area, and it is thought that it could have been a mafia hitman who filled the cup with bleach.

Speaking after the scary brush with death, he told local news outlets: “Thankfully I am doing ok but I am convinced these attacks have nothing to do with the local people as I have always got on well with them ever since I arrived.”

He later told his congregation: “My vendetta is love, my shield is forgiveness and my armour pity. I'm serene, and besides offering pity and forgiveness. I hope that justice is done and there is clarity on these criminal episodes.”

A police source told the Daily Mail that the source of the bleach could have been one of many different groups – but vowed that it was “being taken very seriously”.

They said: “We aren't sure whether it's organised crime or someone with a grudge against the church, Satanists or just cranks but it's being taken very seriously. The incident with the bleach could have had serious repercussions and Father Palamara could have been left in a very bad way had he drunk it.

"The most likely theory is organised crime and the local mafia but until we know for sure nothing is being ruled out and an open mind is being kept.” 

An investigation is still ongoing, with the priest given 24/7 security in the meantime.

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