Stop coming to my office in droves you stupid and jobless idlers - Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama insults poor parents queuing for bursaries


Friday, February 2, 2024 - Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama is the talk of the town today after he embarrassed and demeaned parents who gathered in large numbers outside his office for bursary forms. 

In a video, the legislator arrived at his office and was surprised to find a queue stretching from the parking area to the road.  

He questioned the residents' decision to queue for hours despite the bursary exercise running until the end of February. 

“These forms are being given out from today to the end of February, why are you coming to my office in crowds?” he posed while calling the parents stupid and jobless. 

Further, Arama insulted the parents, accusing them of being jobless idlers who are becoming stupid.

“You have started becoming idlers, it’s like you have nothing to do. Come and line up every day, you’ve started becoming stupid,” he added. 

The MP further suggested the county ought to upload the forms on its website for ease of access. 

“You will have to pay Ksh20 each to access the forms from the website because you are becoming stupid,” he threatened. 

Arama then chased away spectators who had not joined the queues, including people with disability, signaling his bodyguard to disperse the crowd. 

The bursary exercise is essential for providing financial aid to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who lack the resources to pay for their education. 


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