Snake catcher warns people to beware as snake is found in a public toilet in Australia (VIDEO)

Monday, February 12, 2024
 – A snake catcher named Tennille Banks has issued a warning to people as the hot season sees a rise in sightings of serpents in homes.

Tennille said snakes have a "natural instinct to go into holes”. Toilets offer a place to cool down or catch a snack, usually frogs, she said.

She gave the warning after she was called to lure out a snake from a public toilet.

The venomous snake was found on Jan. 5, 2024, inside a public toilet in Australia.

Banks lured the snake until it emerged from the cistern from which it was taken into a black bag and freed into the wilderness.

The snake which was found is also known as the blue-bellied black snake.

The incident occurred in the rural town of Goondiwindi in Queensland. The species is known to defend itself aggressively only if it feels threatened. In case of biting, the snake hangs on and chews resulting in a good dose of highly toxic venom.

Watch the video below.

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