KANYE WEST reveals he made $19 Million in Yeezy sales after Super Bowl ad

Monday, February 12, 2024
 – Rapper Kanye West has revealed that he made $19 Million in Yeezy sales after an ad on Super Bowl.

Kanye posted a screenshot of a text he apparently received, which breaks down what items were sold and the dollar amount for each. There were four different products that Kanye West and his team were really pushing and it includes a top, pants, a T-shirt and YZY pods.

The pods are basically foldable futuristic socks that you can wear as actual footwear.

If these numbers are accurate, it means Kanye cleaned up on his inventory with the "commercial" he's suggesting worked wonders.

The ad featured Kanye literally filming himself in the back of a car, selfie-style, and giving a quick explainer of what he was selling.

Some are calling the rapper a marketing genius over this and others are grumbling that he still has a customer base that'll buy his stuff.

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