Sharon Kosgey, the lady who survived the accident that killed KELVIN KIPTUM, breaks silence as she narrates the last moments before the accident

Friday, February 16, 2024 – Sharon Kosgey, the lady who survived the grisly road accident that killed Kenyan Marathoner and World Record holder Kelvin Kiptum and his coach, has broken her silence.

Sharon recorded a statement with the police as the probe into what caused the accident continues.

Sharon revealed the last moments before the car crashed killing two of the occupants on the spot, noting that the vehicle was in good condition and had not experienced any hitches till the moment of the crash. 

In the police statement she recorded, Sharon also revealed that she alerted Kiptum, who was driving at the time, that the vehicle was veering off the road. 

According to the survivor, Kiptum was unable to steer the vehicle back onto the road, realizing they had veered off the road when it was too late.

The DCI officers investigating the accident have pledged to continue gathering more information about the late Kiptum's final moments from individuals who were in his vicinity. 

The findings will be presented to the public upon completion.

“We were able to record a statement with Sharon Kosgey, and we have confirmed that indeed Kiptum was behind the wheel, the investigation is still ongoing, and once we are through with the investigation, we will deliver the findings,” one of the officers noted.  


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