Is this Chinese company behind KELVIN KIPTUM’s tragic death? Shocking details emerge of what it was planning to do to the athlete before his death

Friday, February 16, 2024 – As the government continues with its investigation regarding the tragic death of marathon world record holder Kelvin Kiptum, details have emerged on the beef a Chinese company harbored against Kiptum that may interest the police.

A multi-million Chinese Company by the name Qiaodon was set to take legal action against Kiptum over breach of contract.

According to the allegations, Kiptum breached a sponsorship contract with Chinese sportswear brand Qiaodon.

This occurred after his sensational victory at the Trinidad Alfonso Valencia Marathon in 2022.

Kiptum’s triumph in Valencia, where he achieved the third-best marathon time in history, garnered him significant attention from sponsors.

Qiaodon, eager to capitalize on his success, reportedly offered Kiptum a lucrative deal worth over Sh15 million, encompassing apparel and equipment sponsorship.

The agreement was inked on January 15, 2023, signaling the beginning of what seemed to be a mutually beneficial partnership.

However, tensions arose when Kiptum, amidst preparations for the prestigious London Marathon, seemingly disappeared just days before the event.

Qiaodon representatives, who had traveled to Kenya to accompany their sponsored athlete, found themselves unable to reach Kiptum, raising concerns about his commitment to the sponsorship agreement.

The situation took a dramatic turn when, at the London Marathon, Kiptum appeared clad in Nike apparel, contradicting his contractual obligations with Qiaodon.

Qiaodon was dismayed by Kiptum’s actions and reportedly contemplated legal action against him.

The breach of contract not only jeopardized the financial investment made by the Chinese sportswear brand but also tarnished its reputation within the industry.

This may explain why the so-called 4 mysterious men, who have been established were representatives of the Chinese company, were at Kiptum’s home four days before he died in a grisly road accident.


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