SHAME as RUTO’s government pays influencers to bash Nation Media for exposing corruption and mediocrity in Kenya Kwanza regime – UHURU was an ANGEL!!

 Thursday, February 1, 2024 - Kenya Kwanza Alliance government operatives have hired social media influencers and some brown envelop bloggers to attack Nation Media Group for exposing corruption, incompetence, and mediocrity inside President William Ruto’s regime.

According to our informers, bloggers were paid as little as Sh 200 by the operatives to shame NMG which has been exposing how Ruto is leading a mafia-like government.

NMG runs Daily Nation, Taifa Leo, Nairobi News, and NTV and the media houses have been exposing corruption scandals that have left Kenyan taxpayers reeling with pain due to the high cost of living.

The inglorious bloggers were paid to make sure NMG trends under Matope Media on Twitter

Here are some of the tweets

Nation Media Group under scrutiny: Accused of bending to political and commercial interests, facing allegations of biased reporting and ethical breaches,” stated one of the influencers who nicknamed himself the Nakuru Mayor.

Ongoing scrutiny of Matope Media sparks conversations on the impact of media controversies on public trust, prompting reflections on strategies for news organizations to rebuild and maintain credibility,” Sunny Cate another broke influencer wrote.


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