AHMEDNASIR shocks everyone as he supports RUTO’s stance on sending police to HAITI despite the court order

Thursday, February 1, 2024 - Renowned Nairobi lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, has surprised Kenyans after he supported President William Ruto's move to ignore the court order that stopped the government from sending police officers to Haiti for a peacekeeping mission.

In a ruling on Friday last week, Justice Chacha Mwita prohibited the National Security Council from deploying police officers to Haiti.

The judge said the NSC has no legal mandate to deploy police officers under the law, adding that it can only do so with the defence forces.

Despite the court ruling, Ruto has vowed to send the officers to Haiti and this has been supported by Ahmednasir.

In his argument, Ahmednasir said Ruto is not supposed to move to the Court of Appeal to contest the high court ruling but he only needs to adhere to the process and send the 1000 police officers to Haiti for a peacekeeping mission.

“Justice Chacha Mwita didn't prohibit or outlaw the sending of a contingent of Kenyan policemen to Haiti. 

"He merely held that the law and procedural processes weren't adhered to. 

"In my view, an appeal to the Court of Appeal is wholly unnecessary and time-wasting (in light of Haiti's dire needs). 

"The government needs to correct the procedural missteps and follow the due process of law as ordered by Justice Mwita,” Ahmednasir wrote on his X on Thursday.


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