See how GACHAGUA responded to UHURU for saying they are taking the country into a ditch

 Monday, February 19, 2024 - Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has responded to former President Uhuru Kenyatta, who accused Kenya Kwanza Alliance leaders of taking the country into a ditch.

Speaking during the burial of former Kipipiri MP, Amos Kimunya’s wife in Nyandarua on Saturday, Uhuru chided Kenya Kwanza Alliance leaders, accusing them of taking the country in the wrong direction.

"If you are a leader, one who is given the steering wheel, if you are a worthy leader who is at the steering wheel you look forward, not every time looking at the rearview mirror to see where you are coming from. 

"You look forward. If you are a person who drives while looking at the rearview mirror, you will drive the car into a ditch,” Uhuru said.

However, in a response on Monday, Gachagua said Ruto is looking in the rearview mirror because he doesn’t want to leave anyone behind.

“I heard somebody saying that you should not look at the rear mirror. 

"I want to encourage you to keep looking at the rearview mirror because the inventor of the motor vehicle was not mad by putting the rearview mirror," he said referring to Uhuru's remarks.

"In your leadership your Excellency you have made it clear that no Kenyan should be left behind. 

"So, you have to continuously continue looking at the rear mirror to ensure all Kenyans are on board and are not left behind,”


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