See how DENNIS ITUMBI was simping after JACKIE MARIBE was acquitted in MONICA KIMANI’s murder case –This man is an embarrassment!

 Friday, February 9, 2024 - United Democratic Alliance (UDA) blogger, Dennis Itumbi, is in a celebratory mood after former Citizen TV presenter, Jackie Maribe, was acquitted in the Monica Kimani murder case.

Maribe was acquitted by Justice Grace Nzioka of the Milimani Law Courts on Friday, over lack of evidence.

She is the second accused in a case that has been ongoing for over five years.

According to Justice Nzioka, the charge brought against Maribe was not properly placed by the Police.

"It is my considered view that the charge brought against the second accused person was not the proper charge," she said.

Following her acquittal, Itumbi took to X and wrote a ‘’ poem’ in praise of Maribe, who is not even his girlfriend.

Here is what Dennis Itumbi wrote.

Jacque Maribe is FREE!

Maribe DID NOT kill Monica. Daaamn! I feel so vindicated!

There was a rogue DCI boss called George Kinoti, who craved for headlines, and Jacque Maribe was a pawn in his unfortunate game of nonsensical play.

It has been SIX years, a journey of shadows, where unjust chains sought to bind the spirit of a great friend, a charming personality, a friend I treasure much.

Today, the truth has unveiled its brilliance, dispelling the darkness.

The darkness of Kinoti's lies and outright script aimed for Media headlines and nothing else.

Jacque Maribe, like a phoenix, now you have only one duty, rise from the ashes, for time may be lost, but not the essence of your being.

As your friends, our collective hands extend to hold you as you take the next steps.

My good friend, Welcome back to the embrace of freedom.

Let the record reflect that you have always been INNOCENT.

The system failed you and the rogue people who added you in this case just for headlines and creation of a circus should answer and you must not let them walk out of the mess without questions.

I have no regrets that I stood by you. Xxx

To Monica's family, beyond Justice, may Comfort fill your hearts.

Xxx Jacqueline Maribe, there is a reason storms are named after women.

Storms, like focused women cannot be stopped, you are a lovely storm! Be blessed,”


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  1. means she is guilty but found innocent coz of a technicality. Itumbi and his powerful cronies in the mix.