RUTO’s man KIMANI ICHUNG’WAH in hiding as Kenyans bay for his blood for urging them to apply to be ‘slaves’ abroad – Look!

 Wednesday, February 21, 2024 - National Assembly Majority Leader and Kikuyu MP Kimani Ichung’wah has attracted backlash after urging Kenyans to apply for jobs advertised through the National Employment Authority Integrated Management System (NEAIMS). 

The website lists jobs including those negotiated for by President William Ruto during his trips to developed nations, including Saudi Arabia, where Kenyan girls have been enslaved and even some end up dying in mysterious circumstances.

Kenyans have however complained that the portal offers limited options and the platform is not as resourceful as drummed up by politicians.

Expressing their disappointment, Kenyans highlighted that most of the options listed on the website are not quality jobs with current adverts ranging from; housemaids, drivers, babysitters, and cleaners, as opposed to what most of them have been led to believe.

“We have heard stories of Kenyans seeking opportunities in some countries where they have historically been mistreated. You are better off farming in Kenya than live a tough life in another country,” one Kenyan commenting online stated. 

Further complaining about issues arising from the advertised jobs, members of the public highlighted problems with the website infrastructure, terming it as a poor mockup of the eCitizen platform. 

“This website cannot handle a thousand concurrent users. The user interface is poor,” one user stated. 

Citing the recent demonstration by medical students at the Ministry of Health offices, a job seeker questioned why the government was yet to fulfill its promises to provide jobs for Kenyans locally. 

“Exporting labour, especially in healthcare, is disheartening when local hospitals are under-equipped and short-staffed. Our government should prioritise creating local jobs and improving business conditions instead of participating in labour exportation,” another Kenyan stated. 


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