RUTO’s Haiti mission in serious jeopardy as rebels plot to overthrow the man who signed a police deal with him


Wednesday, February 14, 2024 - Haiti Prime Minster Ariel Henry is facing an imminent ouster after he was challenged by a rebel leader. 

Henry, appointed by President Jovenel Moïse days before his assassination in 2021, signed a deal with President William Ruto for the deployment of Kenyan police officers to the troubled Caribbean state.

The Prime Minister was set to leave office on Wednesday after he promised to step down from the position.

Haiti, a country with no democratically elected president, broke into a series of protests ahead of Henry’s resignation, as wrangles intensified in various regions of the Caribbean state. 

Rebel leader, Guy Philippe, joined demonstrators on Tuesday by appearing on national television demanding the Prime Minister step down. 

Philippe, released from a US prison in September 2023, led an uprising in 2004 that chased the then president Jean Bertrand.

The Prime Minister, however, dismissed the Brigade for Security of Protected Area leader and ordered agents to disarm him. 

“We’re telling the police and the army that we have zero problems with them whatsoever,” Fritzner Jean Pierre, commander of the brigade in Ouanaminthe stated. 

“If they put themselves against us, however, what happens to them is their responsibility.”

Ruto and Haiti Prime Minister Ariel Henry in September 2023 witnessed the signing of an agreement at the Kenyan Mission in New York, United States, to facilitate cooperation between the two countries. 


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