RUTO orders CHIRCHIR to sack all State Officers who issued licenses to Embakasi gas depot that claimed the lives of 4 and injured over 300 people

Saturday, February 3, 2024 - President William Ruto has ordered Energy and Petroleum Cabinet Secretary, Davis Chirchir, to sack state officials accused of irregularly issuing licenses for the operation of the Embakasi gas depot that exploded on Thursday night, resulting in the deaths of 4 people and injuring over 300.

Addressing the issue in Lugali on Saturday morning, Ruto attributed the incident to corruption, lack of integrity, and greed among government officials responsible for granting the license to the operator.

The Head of State directed that the Ministry of Energy should ensure the people implicated in the matter should vacate office with immediate effect and face charges for the offenses committed.

He expressed concern that the people in government had issued the licenses for the business to be conducted in a residential area where Kenyans reside endangering their lives.

“I want to say for the avoidance of doubt, the government officials who issued licenses for gas installations in residential areas when it was very clear that it was the wrong thing to do, but because of incompetence and corruption they issued licenses,”

He continued: “Today we have injuries, we have Kenyans who have died, those fellows who are involved in this, the ministry must immediately take action against them and they must be dismissed and prosecuted for the crimes they have committed.”

The President said there was no need for such people to continue holding government office and being paid with taxpayers' money.


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