RUTO now means business as he vows to deploy police to Haiti in the next 2 weeks despite being blocked by the court – Look!

 Tuesday, February 6, 2024 - President William Ruto is hell-bent on deploying the Kenya Police Officers to the troubled Haiti despite the court order barring him from sending Kenyan troops to the Caribbean nation.

So determined is the president that he is willing and ready to deploy the officers as early as in the next two weeks.

This was confirmed by the Principal Secretary of Foreign Affairs Korir Sing'oei.

During an interview with the New York Times, Sing’oei revealed that the troops will be deployed after a bilateral agreement between Kenya and Haiti is reached, emphasising that the deployment will be immediate.

He further noted that the deployment will not wait for another court order lifting the deployment ban even though the State had filed an appeal to the ruling.

Sing'oei hinges the government's decision to deploy the troops on the condition (provided by the court ruling) that the mission could continue if there is a reciprocal arrangement with Haiti.

"The deployment does not have to await the conclusion of this appeal," the Foreign Affairs PS told the outlet.

The PS's statement came roughly a week after President William Ruto told international media outlets that he would ignore the court order and push forward with the mission despite the court setback.

The President argued that Haiti had asked for help and that a bilateral agreement was already in the works to pave the way for the mission. 

Kenya has committed to leading other countries in fighting deadly Haitian gangs.


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