Plane crashes into couple's garden while they sat watching TV

Tuesday, February 13, 2024
 – A plane crashed into an elderly couple's back garden while they were watching television and they had no idea.

Pensioners Jeanette and Geoff Charley admitted they heard a "great big bang" but didn't notice that the light aircraft had come to a halt in their flower bed last Saturday, Feb. 10.

It was only when their son rang to ask them about the plane crash that they went to investigate and found a scene from a "film" when they looked out of their kitchen window and saw the wreckage in a flower bed at their home in North Wales.

Jeanette and Geoff have lived at the house for almost 20 years near the airport on Anglesey and this was the first time they had seen any drama.

They say they were just settling down for a quiet afternoon in front of the television when they heard "a great big bang".

Jeanette said: "Before I could get up properly to go see what it was, the phone rang."

And it was her son, asking if they were okay because there had been a plane crash nearby.

Jeanette said she then went outside and asked a lady walking down the street if a plane had crashed in the street. And she replied: “Yes!. It's in your back garden!”

The pair looked out of their kitchen window and then went outside to see for themselves. They were "totally floored" by a scene that was "surreal- like something out of a film!"

Jeanette continued: "There it was in all its glory, all mangled, stuck up by the trees in the back garden."

The couple feel incredibly lucky that the plane landed where it did - and not any closer to their house in Bodffordd, near Llangefni, on Anglesey last Saturday.

Jeanette and Geoff say it's just "absolutely amazing nothing more sinister" happened.

Fortunately, the pilot's injuries are non-life threatening while North Wales Fire and Rescue Service say there were no other passengers on the flight.

A North Wales Police spokesman said: "At 1.44pm today (February 10) we received reports of a light aircraft crashing close to a residential area in Bodffordd, near Llangefni. Officers attended the location, along with ambulance and fire crews. The male pilot was the only occupant of the aircraft, and he was subsequently conveyed to hospital by air ambulance with non-life-threatening injuries. No other injuries were reported from the scene."

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