Pastor NG’ANG’A parades Ksh 2.6 Million in cash to his brainwashed congregants and claims he made the money in a week (VIDEO).

 Wednesday, February 28, 2024 - Controversial city preacher James Maina Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Church has stunned Kenyans online after he flaunted Sh 2.6 million in cash.

The flamboyant televangelist paraded a bundle of notes amounting to Sh 2.6 million and said he made the money in a week.

Ng'ang'a noted that he had connections and faithful people on his side who bless him with money.

Among the people who gave him the money is a pastor identified as Apostle Wonder.

Apostle Wonder reportedly gave him Sh 1.5 Million.

The rest of the money was given to him by his congregants.

Ng’ang’a had told his followers the previous Sunday that he was targeting to get Sh 2.3 million within the week.

He managed to hit the target and even raised more.

He further advised men in the church to stop chasing women and start chasing after money.

Watch the video.


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