Pastor EZEKIEL ODERO now reveals why televangelist BENNY HINN pushed him down during the controversial miraculous crusade


Tuesday, February 27, 2024 - A video of televangelist Benny Hinn pushing renowned Pastor Ezekiel Odero to fall during prayers elicited mixed reactions.

At first, Ezekiel failed to fall down as the rest of other pastors fell in the presence of Hinn.

Then Hinn came the second time and charged towards Pastor Ezekiel, who was still standing in ‘defiance’ as his colleagues were down, and pushed him to the ground, allegedly by the power of God.

The whole charade got Kenyans talking, with some claiming it was staged just to give Benny Hinn popularity in Kenya.

Many Kenyans even joked that Pastor Ezekiel was part of the training to fake the miracles during Benny Hinn’s crusade.

But while explaining the incident, Pastor Ezekiel stated that he was grateful to have attended the crusade where he sought to tap into Hinn's anointing. 


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