GACHAGUA breaths fire as he scolds Mombasa politicians for skipping his conference – Look! Kwa ground vitu ni different!

 Tuesday, February 27, 2024 - Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua went ballistic on Coastal leaders and scolded them for failing to push for reforms even as drugs and alcohol abuse continue to ravage the region's youth population.

Speaking while launching the Coast Region Conference on Illicit Alcohol and Narcotic Drugs Abuse, the DP highlighted that leaders across the region were silent despite the problem escalating.

He added that some of the leaders expected to champion reforms had chosen to skip the event whose goal was to find a solution to the menace.

As a result, Gachagua accused the leaders of being complicit in the widespread sale of drugs.

"Why are leaders in Coast quiet as our young population is being destroyed by drugs? Why are some not here? This is a very important conference to discuss the very existence of our population in this region. This is a conversation that every elected leader should be a part of because it is a serious problem," he remarked.

"If you are afraid of drug barons, I am not afraid of them. If you keep quiet, how will we know where the problem is?"

The Deputy President further hinted that the Coast region had dragged the rest of the country in tackling the menace indicating that in Nandi, the elected leaders kept tabs on progress. 

He further maintained that Kirinyaga leaders were vocal and pointed an accusatory finger toward the judicial system for arresting and releasing an accused seller of illicit brew.

"As you talk about the squatter problem, you should also discuss drug use with the same passion. We are ready to help you," he added.

Gachagua and his wife Dorcas Rigathi have been steadfast in the fight arguing that productive youth were losing their fruitful years to alcohol and addiction.


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