New mom calls out her mother-in-law for feeding her two-weeks old baby pineapple (VIDEO)

Wednesday, February 7, 2024 – A new mum has taken to social media to call out her mother-in-law for feeding her two-week-old baby with pineapple.

In a video that has gone viral, the mum said she noticed her mother-in-law was trying to feed her baby pineapple and she turned it down, insisting that she cannot give a baby pineapple as her immune system is still low. She said the mother-in-law got infuriated, packed her things and left her home.

According to the new mum, her mother-in-law has now resorted to reporting her to family members, claiming she disrespected her.

‘You see all these people that come online to talk about mother-in-laws telling you if they don't like you, don't like them back, they are telling you the truth. Your mother-in-law nor like you and dey go form good girl? They will never like you. Just return the same energy or better still just dey your lane.

Mothers-in-law, you people are doing too much nowadays! What will it profit you trying to ruin your son's marriage? ‘’ she said

Watch the video she shared below

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