Meet a Kikuyu lady who sired a kid with President MOI’s late son JONATHAN and is demanding half of his wealth - She has other 2 kids with different men.

 Wednesday, February 7, 2024 - Faith Nyambura, a lady who sired a kid with Former President Moi’s late son Jonathan Kipkemboi Moi, has filed an urgent court case to secure Ksh.2.5 million for her son’s medical expenses.

Faith has also accused the larger Moi family of sidelining her children in the distribution of Moi’s extensive estate.

As of May 2022, the Moi family had an estimated net worth of over KSh 335 billion (approximately USD 2.05 billion).

Jonathan Moi, the former rally driver died on Easter weekend on April 19, 2019.

 At the time of his death, he had not written a will.

In a statement through her legal representative, Faith is urging the court to compel the administrator of Jonathan Moi’s estate to release Ksh.2.5 million for medical bills, emphasizing the urgency of the matter while awaiting the resolution of an ongoing inheritance case, where she is demanding half of Jonathan’s wealth.

Faith alleges that she used to receive KSh 1 million monthly upkeep fees from Jonathan Moi before he died.

She alleges that Zehrabhanu Janmohamed, the lawyer representing the executor, has reportedly been uncooperative in revealing any details about Moi’s assets.

Faith further claims that Janmohamed is actively working against her interests, allegedly with the support of some of Moi’s sons.

Faith’s lawyer further asserts that despite the family’s financial resources, Janmohamed has purportedly refused to disclose any funds from Moi’s estate.

As a result, Faith claims she has been compelled to seek financial assistance for her child through a pay bill number, highlighting the challenging circumstances she faces within her own family.

 It is now emerging that she has two other kids with different men.

 Blogger Cornelious Ronoh has accused Faith of blackmailing the Moi family and described her as a socialite bimbo.

 Faith Milkah has a baby boy with the late Jonathan Moi(JT) and she also has two children with different fathers. 

"She is currently involved in an ongoing court case fighting for half of the late JT's wealth. 

"The question is, does she appear like someone who is poor in this video? 

"This socialite bimbo has an agenda, she should stop her blackmail,’he wrote on his account.

The Kenyan DAILY POST. 

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  1. Soooooooooo! The killer of Julie ward is dead we don't care about his wealth the Kikuyu lady is broke going after a dead man wealth why did she demand when the fool was a live,all this bullshit don't add up she may demand the wealth after life when they all and cursed generations meet there maker.