Mama Mboga shocks everyone as she takes a whopping Sh6 million in cash belonging to her son who is taxi driver to Pastor EZEKIEL (VIDEO)


Tuesday, February 6, 2024 - A mama mboga from Burma Market in Nairobi is the talk of town after she surprised Pastor Ezekiel with a whopping Sh6 million in cash.

The distraught woman presented Ksh6 million cash in a sack to Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s New Life Church in Mombasa. 

The woman sought the pastor's assistance to bless and pray for the cash, in a video that has since been circulated widely. 

She alleged that the amount belonged to her son, RO, who had allegedly concealed the amount in dollar denominations inside his car.

The woman's concerns stemmed from her son's decision to invite officers from the 'Criminal Investigation Department (CID)' to her residence along Jogoo Road.  

The son claimed that the detectives were his longtime friends. 

The officers then stumbled upon the amount, Ksh10 million in total before they drove with his son to a nearby bank and exchanged the cash in dollars for Kenyan currency.

According to the woman, the officers claimed a share of Ksh4 million and drove the son back to his home with over Ksh6 million. 

The detectives then instructed the mama mboga to board the vehicle before handing over the ksh6 million cash in six piles. 

A few minutes later, they dropped her off at Burma Market before disappearing with her son.

"I don't know whether to cry or to laugh because I am so confused," she stated while questioning the source of the funds as her son works as a taxi driver.

The mama mboga noted that she failed to understand whether the amount was a reward or proceeds of crime. She requested the pastor to pray for and sanitise the money. 

While responding to her plea, pastor Ezekiel noted that he would provide security for the woman until she located her son.

"I will give you a place to stay until we know the truth. You will be accompanied by my security to record a statement. 

"When the police want to know more details, we will comply so that the money can get back to its rightful owner," Pastor Ezekiel added. 


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