Kenya will be built by taxes but not aid and debts!! – RUTO tells Kenyans living in JAPAN


Thursday, February 8, 2024 - President William Ruto has urged Kenyans living in the diaspora to be ready to pay taxes, as the country will no longer rely on debts for its development.

Speaking on Thursday while meeting Kenyans living in Japan, Ruto insisted that if Kenya must develop, her citizens must be ready to put in the work.

He said that just like Japan is built by its citizens, Kenyans must be ready to take that route.

The President said that this is one aspect he is not ready to compromise on, no matter the cost.

"I was looking at numbers today, Japan, their tax as a percentage of GDP is at 34.8 percent. 

"In Kenya, we are at 15 percent, less than half what it is here. 

"If we have to develop our country, Kenyans must roll up their sleeves and develop their country.

"Our country is not going to be developed by others, our country is not going to be developed by aid, our country is not going to be developed by debt. 

"Our country is going to be developed by us. 

"Japan is built by the Japanese using their taxes. 

"Kenya will be built by Kenyans using our revenues and our taxes. 

"That is a statement we must tell each other," Ruto said on Wednesday.

The Head of state noted that his conscience is clear of the tough decisions he is making for the good of the country.

He added that he would always do the right thing for Kenya, despite people calling him names.

"People call me names, but your conscience is clear when you are doing the right thing. And I will do the right thing for our country, irrespective of what names people call me, including Zakayo."

Ruto left the country on Tuesday evening for a four-day official visit to Japan.

During the visit, he will engage in a series of bilateral meetings with the Japanese top leadership and Corporations.

On Wednesday, Kenya and Toyota Tsusho Corporation of Japan signed a framework agreement for collaboration in vehicle manufacturing and renewable energy development.


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