Kenyans are jokers! RUTO now says as he vows to increase taxes after seeing what the Japanese are doing.

 Thursday, February 8, 2024 - President William Ruto is not done tormenting Kenyans who are already suffering due to the high cost of living, that has been exacerbated by the increased taxation.

This is after he hinted at increasing taxes to ensure that the government collects more revenue to finance its operations and emerge from the debt hole the country currently finds itself in.

Speaking in Japan on Thursday morning, the Head of State challenged Kenyans to roll up their sleeves and work to build their country.

He further pointed out that in Japan, taxation as a percentage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) stood at 34.8 per cent while Kenyans were lamenting high taxation at just 15 per cent.

"I was looking at the numbers today and Japan, their tax as a percentage of GDP is at 34.8 per cent. In Kenya, we are at 15 per cent, less than half of what it is here," he stated.

"If we have to develop our country, Kenyans must roll up their sleeves and develop our country. 

"Our country will not be developed by others. Our country will not be developed by aid. 

"Our country will not be developed by debt."

Ruto, as a result, assured that no money collected through taxes would be lost and vowed to ensure that services trickle down to all Kenyans.

He admitted that he knows his countrymen had given him names, including one inspired by the infamous biblical figure Zacchaeus 'Zakayo', but insisted that he would not be deterred.

"Japan is built by the Japanese using their own taxes. 

"Kenya will be built by Kenyans using our own revenues and taxes. 

"That is a statement that we must tell each other. T

"he guarantee I give is that no revenues or taxes will be stolen," he added.


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  1. proboscis monkey: before you increase any taxes, please go after all government borrowed debts and make those who borrowed it and looted the same in whatever form they did it. This including yourself mad cow disease full of shit and having a sadistic heart.

    Kumbafu sana!