KARANGU MURAYA’s marital woes exposed as voice notes of his troubled wife leak - He reportedly mistreats her and cheats on her with multiple women.


Wednesday, February 14, 2024 - Popular Kikuyu gospel singer, MC and philanthropist, Karangu Muraya, has been accused of mistreating his wife and neglecting his family, even as he engages in philanthropic activities.

According to popular Kikuyu blogger, Esther Baumbach, Karangu’s wife has been suffering in silence to protect his brand but she is now fed up.

He has reportedly been cheating on her with multiple women and disrespecting her after getting fame and money.

It also emerged that a car that he gifted her on her birthday and splashed the photos on social media was just a PR stunt.

He repossessed the car and sold it.

The blogger put up some voice notes of Karangu’s wife lamenting that she has never had peace in their home.

Karangu’s wife threatened to expose their marital woes to the world in the voice notes.

“The voice notes I put up earlier were to let you guys know that I did not just wake and decide to bluff on these streets. It was a cry for help! Someone's daughter, mother is crying for help and we cannot just ignore her.

“I choose to wait for her to come out, not necessarily to me but to anyone out there who she can pour out her heart to. Everyone deserves to be heard,” the US-based Kikuyu blogger wrote.

Listen to the voice notes of Karangu’s wife exposing their marital woes for those who understand Kikuyu.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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