KALENJINS tell RUTO that he will see the presidency on VIUSASA after 2027 if he refuses to do this!

 Thursday, February 15, 2024 - A section of Baringo County residents have expressed their frustration over how President William Ruto is governing the country.

The residents, who were protesting on Wednesday due to an increase in cases of cattle rustling in Baringo County, accused Ruto of neglecting the region that voted for him overwhelmingly.

Led by Kabartonjo Ward MCA Simon Kiplagat, they told off Ruto over his plans to send Kenyan police officers on a peacekeeping mission in Haiti.

Kiplagat warned the head of state that if the rising insecurity in Baringo County is not dealt with, the region will withdraw its support in 2027.

 "President, don't send soldiers to Haiti, send them to Tiaty. 

"There is a Haiti here in Tiaty. 

"Soldiers should not go to Haiti; they should come to Tiaty. Mr. President, we love you, but if you don't stop this insecurity in Baringo, I'm telling you, in 2027 you'll watch on Viusasa. 

"Mr. President, we love you, but you must also love us," he said.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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