Joke of the day as RUTO’s government says it spent Sh 7 million to construct KIPTUM’s ‘Shanty house’

Saturday, February 24,2024 - Housing and Urban Development Principal Secretary, Charles Hinga, has surprised Kenyans after revealing the amount of money that was used to construct a house for late world marathon record holder, Kelvin Kiptum.

According to Hinga, the shanty house that was an embarrassment to President William Ruto’s regime, cost Kenyan taxpayers Sh 7 million.

Hinga, in defense of the amount used, said the contractor used modern technology to construct the house in 7 days.

"The contractor adopted modern precast or prefabricated technology and light gauge steel in the construction of the house at a cost of KSh 7 million. 

"This technology which is gaining popularity across the world, allows constructors to fabricate concrete components off-site. 

"Not only is it faster, but it is considered a cost-effective alternative to the brick-and-mortar walling system," Hinga said.

Hinga observed that the technology was not fairly new, claiming it had not really gained a lot of traction.

Navin Patel, the contractor added that in terms of durability, his house was still standing strong after 10 years.

"The same technology used in other parts of the world has already been in use for more than 50 years. 

"In America, they use this technology because wood is expensive there, and they are replacing wood with metal," he said.


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