He spent most of the time with me - KELVIN KIPTUM’s alleged girlfriend says and shuts down critics accusing her of disrespecting his family after their photos went viral.


Thursday, February 15, 2024 - A lady identified as Jeylaa Jeylaa on Tiktok has become the centre of attention after sharing photos mourning the late marathoner Kelvin Kiptum and hinting that they had an affair.

She even unwrapped some Valentine’s Gifts that Kiptum had given her before his death.

The young lady has responded to critics telling her to respect Kiptum’s family after romantic photos she took with him days before his death went viral.

She said that people would never comprehend the unique relationship she shared with Kiptum and the emotional turmoil she is currently going through.

Jeylaa defended her actions by revealing that Kiptum spent significant time with her.

Hamuwezi elewa mahali nilitoka na Kiptum.... I think most of his time alikuwa anaspend na Mimi.... it's so painful na respect Kevo forever,’’ she said.

She claimed the late marathoner often requested her to post pictures of them together.

 She disclosed that even in their final photo, Kiptum had asked her to wear a yellow dress while he posed in a yellow sweater.

Hata hivo, akuna siku niliwahi kosa kumpost juu mostly alikuwa ananiambia nimpost, she said.

Even the last minute aliniambia nipost picha nikiwa na dress ya yellow na yake akiwa na sweater ya yellow, she added.

She went on to claim that Kiptum’s wife was aware that they were in constant communication.

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