Good news to KIKUYUS as court allows sale of MURATINA in MT KENYA region

Saturday, February 24, 2024 - A court sitting in Kiambu County has declared Muratina legal, paving the way for the consumption of the alcoholic drink that is popular among the Agikuyu community.

In a monumental judgment issued by Justice Abigail Mshila on Friday, the Court deemed that the use of Muratina as part of the Agikuyu culture is not prohibited by any law.

The judge also referenced the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act, of 2010, arguing that it only regulates alcoholic drinks but does not prohibit traditional drinks. 

In particular, the Act does not identify Muratina as an illicit brew.

Hence, Justice Mshila declared that the Agikuyu people were at liberty to prepare and consume alcoholic drinks as part of their cultural tradition.

"A declaration be and is hereby made that Muratina is not an illicit brew and the Agikuyu people are at liberty to prepare and consume it as part of their culture and tradition," Justice Mshila stated after finding that the petition by Ndeiya Traditional Brewers had merit.

Muratina is a staple drink among the Agikuyu community and is used to celebrate birthdays, initiations, and weddings among others. 

It is highly regarded for its distinct fruity flavour.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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