Fury as RUTO’s Spokesman HUSSEIN MOHAMMED is caught red-handed lying about the president’s Japan visit – Look! (VIDEO)

Tuesday, February 6, 2024 - State House Spokesperson Hussein Mohamed has been caught in another lie following his statement announcing President William Ruto's visit to Japan, a statement that left Kenyans confused.

In a State House dispatch, Hussein described Ruto's visit as one of a kind by a Kenyan head of state in 20 years. He likened the visit to that of the late former President Mwai Kibaki.

"This marks the first State visit by a Kenyan Head of State since President Mwai Kibaki's 20 years ago.

"The visit follows Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's State Visit to Kenya in May 2023 and celebrates 60 years of diplomatic relations between Kenya and Japan," the statement read in part.

However, immediately after Hussein shared the dispatch, a section of Kenyans shared photos of former President Uhuru Kenyatta visiting Japan in 2015.

Some even shared old clips showing Hussein reading a news time on Citizen TV announcing Uhuru's visit to Japan.

Amidst the confusion, it has emerged that Uhuru made an Official Visit to Japan which Ruto has also embarked on. 

Ruto's visit to Japan is an official visit and not a State one.

A state visit is a solemn ritualistic or formal visit by a Head of State at the invitation of the host president.

A state visit reflects the highest level of hospitality, honour, and formality in relations between nations.

It is worth noting that in a State Visit, the host nations shoulder all expenses of the visiting delegation. 


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