DIRECTOR TREVOR opens up about his break up with EVE MUNGAI and delivers bad news to her.

 Tuesday, February 20, 2024 - Director Trevor has confirmed his breakup with Eve Mungai, ending speculations that their publicized romantic relationship was on the rocks.

Trevor revealed that he broke up with Eve in February 2023 and kept it a secret as they were still working together.

He left their apartment in Kileleshwa that they had bought together and rented an Airbnb.

Nilitoka tuu nikaanza life yangu. Nilimuachia hio nyumba (I left and started my life. I left that house to her) I went to stay in our Airbnb, he said.

He publicly announced that they had parted ways after Eve said she is no longer interested in working with him.

We broke up in February 2023. We remained friends and business partners until when she said she did not want to work with this brand anymore. Because she is the one who said she did not want to work with us, I had to take what belongs to me, he said.

He further revealed that she would not get a single penny from videos on the channel after changing the channel’s name.

 “The whole brand was mine. Eve was only the face of the brand. She is not part of the brand. I am hiring new employees and Eve won't be affiliated to that brand in any way and won't get any money from it,he added.

Trevor said the content and videos created by Eve would not be deleted, maintaining she was only an employee on the channel.

He is planning to hire new employees.

Trevor made it known that he was rebranding the popular “Mungai Eve” YouTube channel to “Kenya Online Media” as Mungai’s services "are no longer needed" on the platform.

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