DCI officers based at Embakasi Police Station were collecting bribes from the gas depot daily – NTV's SMIRTI VIDYARTHI had warned Kenyans (VIDEO)


Friday, February 2,2024 - Officers from Embakasi Police Station were reportedly aware that the owner of the Embakasi gas depot that exploded on Thursday was operating illegally and was collecting bribes from him

The gas depot was exposed in 2019 by NTV’s Smirti Vidyarthi but officers from Embakasi Station told her that they would close the depot since it was refilling gas illegally.

However, since 2019, the officers, particularly from DCI, have been collecting bribes from the owner of the depot commonly known as ‘protection fee’.

The revelations come after 3 people died and over 300 people were injured after the gas depot exploded.

Kenyans are now waiting to see whether Interior Cabinet Secretary, Prof Kithure Kindiki and Inspector General of Police, Japheth Koome will swing into action and punish Embakasi Police officers since they were collecting bribes from the depot knowing very well it was a waiting time bomb.

Here is a video of NTV’s Smirti Vidyarthi warning that the gas depot was a ticking time bomb.

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