BONIFACE MWANGI to demolish his club in Kilimani on Thursday due to harsh economic times – Did donor taps run dry?


Wednesday, February 14, 2024 - Renowned human rights activist, Boniface Mwangi, has announced the planned closure of his 505 nightclub, located in Kilimani estate, Nairobi.

In a social media post on Wednesday, Mwangi announced that the last drinks will be served on Valentine’s Day.

He will then proceed to demolish the premises on Thursday, February 15.

“Today is Valentine’s Day. If you’re single and want to mingle, or you’re a couple looking to unwind, come have your drink at 505. 

"Today we shall serve the last drinks at 505, and tomorrow we shall demolish what we built,” Mwangi wrote.

The activist noted that the decision to bring down the premises was not easy but he was forced by the prevailing circumstances to do it.

“The hardest thing in life is to know that you did everything right but it still turned out wrong,” he added.

Boniface Mwangi recounted opening up 505 and the support he received afterward. 

In all the hype and celebrations, Mwangi also encountered betrayal from close friends.

“When we opened our doors, our friends and comrades came to support us and they have never stopped. 

"One day, I will tell the story of betrayal, theft by a servant, and an ignorant, arrogant landlord but today, I want to invite you to a final celebration of 505,” Mwangi recalled.

Nonetheless, he invited revellers to share the last drinks at the premises today before bringing it down.

“This investment has a lot of untold stories, the next chapter of this story, l will share in the coming days. 

"This Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate love with drinks and food at 505. It’s the last call for alcohol at 505,” Mwangi concluded.


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