You won’t believe what KRA told Kenyans who want RUTO to refund their Housing Levy deductions after Friday's ruling?


Sunday, January 28, 2024 – The Government of President William Ruto will not give Kenyans their Housing Levy refunds just yet after the Friday ruling that declared the deductions as illegal and unconstitutional.

While responding to Kenyans who are pushing for Housing Levy refunds after the Court of Appeal halted the implementation of the 1.5 per cent salary deductions, KRA affirmed that it would give a way forward on the matter in due course as the government was still adjusting to the ruling which halted the levy.

Pressure on the government mounted hours after Court of Appeal Justices Lydia Achode, John Mativo, and Mwaniki Gachoka issued the directive pending the determination of consolidated cases filed before it.

Notably, some employees lamented that they had already had their January deductions effected before the ruling was issued on Friday.

"It’s time for payroll, some of us have already been paid and the housing levy has already been deducted, so what do we do now? Shouldn’t we stop deducting it from January’s payslip as it has been declared unconstitutional?" X user Namraata questioned.

"Kindly await official communication on the same," KRA responded.

However, refunds for the deductions could be delayed further after President William Ruto revealed that the government would appeal the decision by the three-judge bench.

Ruto, nonetheless, did not reveal the exact day when the appeal would be filed in court. He also did not state whether he would wait for the outcome of the case which is sub-judice. 

Meanwhile, the Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE) directed its members to cease making the deductions in compliance with the Friday ruling.


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  1. KRA is an institution of fraudster thugs.
    They never refund anything including tax refunds claims: this KRA idiots seat on tax refunds claims at their desk them write you an email stating the claim is invalid: it's probably they've steal those claim in their premeditated statement of write back saying the claim is invalid and the claim is deleted on one itax: Yet after filling th itax, the tax refund is generated but these imbeciles never refund.
    Even after working and paying tax for one financial year, they never even give a tax reward for paying tax to all there previous and present abyss regimes of imbeciles presidents.

    Which explains why nothing works for these useless regime.

    Like this imbecile kipsigis proboscis monkey table banking regime: who told them paying loans is their priority and heavily taxing kenyans! They are the same fools of every regimes that have been borrowing debts and looting at the same time and now burdening the citizens of kenya with taxes to service loots by idiots.

    May the hand of death visit these tax payers thieves and never enjoy those taxes they looted in enriching themselves including denied tax refunds.

    Mashetani wa shindwe! Shenzi sana!