“Where were you? Go back home,” - ESTHER PASSARIS heckled and ejected from the podium for being silent on the increasing femicide cases


Sunday, January 28, 2024 - Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris was on Saturday heckled and ejected from a podium for refusing to speak up on the increasing cases of femicide in the country.

The incident happened at Jevanjee Gardens in Nairobi when protesters were demonstrating the murders of socialite Starlet Wahu and Rita Waeni.

Wahu was killed by a man at Airbnb in South B and Waeni was killed in Roysambu.

Passaris, who had joined the protests, was bashed for failing to use her voice and position in fighting femicide.

“Where were you? Go back home” The protesters tackled her, forcing her down from the podium. 

Her bodyguards were forced to whisk her away to safety following the incident.

Speaking about the incident, the Woman Rep said that she understood where the crowd was coming from, adding that she would table the matter in parliament.

“I actually suggested we give the petition to parliament it should be a national disaster,” she said.

A report by the African Hub indicated that at least 12 women have been killed in the past 24 days.


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