We are on our own! See what RAILA said after CJ MARTHA KOOME defied him and met RUTO at State House?

 Tuesday, January 23, 2024 – Chief Justice Martha Koome has sold her soul to the devil after meeting with President William Ruto at State House yesterday despite being warned not to as doing so would compromise the independence of the Judiciary.

In a statement, Azimio Leader Raila Odinga slammed Koome over the meeting, saying Kenyans are now on their own since the Judiciary had been captured by Ruto.

Raila termed Koome’s move irresponsible, saying a dialogue between the Executive and Judiciary should be held at a neutral place.

According to Raila, the Executive is compromising and holding the Judiciary hostage.

“Chief Justice, the head of Judiciary has gone for a meeting with the President in State House this is in our view an irresponsible move, if there is supposed to be a dialogue, the dialogue should be held in a neutral place, State House is the seat of the Executive that is where the President resides,” said Raila.

“This means the Judiciary is being compromised by the Executive, the Judiciary is being held hostage and we have seen this before. 

"We saw it happen under the rule of Moi and we have tried to caution the Chief Justice not to go bed with the Executive it is an unfortunate development,” he added.

The opposition chief called on other members of the Judiciary not to be compromised and to exercise their work under the constitution.

“We want the judges to remain firm and do their work per law and the constitution of our country,” Raila stated.

CJ Koome on Monday morning arrived at State House to discuss contentious issues pitting the Executive and the Judiciary.

The Chief Justice had written to President Ruto seeking to hold talks after he raised concerns about the conduct of some judges and judicial officers.

Ruto welcomed the call for talks and insisted that he would lead the dialogue.


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