Top dentist reveals the huge problem with KANYE WEST's new titanium teeth

Monday, January 22, 2024
 – A top Australian dentist has revealed the problem with Kanye West's bizarre titanium teeth makeover.

The rapper, 46, shocked fans last week after he debuted a set of Bond villain-esque titanium dentures on Instagram.

Kanye also claimed to have had his teeth removed and replaced with the appliance to create the new permanent look which a source said he designed himself.

However, Dr Sam Koh, a leading cosmetic dentist who works at Dental Boutique as a Principal Dentist, says Kanye's new smile is cause for major concern.

According to Dr Koh, Kanye may struggle to clean his new mouthguard properly, leading to a host of issues including infections.

'Although it has been reported that the dentist has given him custom equipment to help clean his teeth, such a bulky one-piece appliance is going to be hard to clean,' he explained.

'Microscopically, there will be a lot of food, bacteria and debris getting underneath the titanium which can then cause a lot of bad breath, sensitivity, tooth decay and gum issues such as disease and infection if the titanium is there long term.'

Dr Koh believes that Kanye likely shaved his teeth down and glued the titanium dentures on top of them, rather than removing his teeth completely.

The remaining part of the teeth will move over time, causing deterioration of the glue that is holding the titanium in place.

This deterioration will cause 'microgaps' where bacteria and decay can form over time.

'This would then result in either the bridge coming loose over time, or much worse, dental decay, infection, and disease with the bacteria able to then get inside the teeth,' he warned.

If untreated, the decay could spread and cause serious gym disease, forcing Kanye to undergo multiple root canals from dental infections and potentially even remove all his teeth altogether.

Dr Koh also fears that Kanye may struggle to eat, given that the surfaces of his new mouthpiece are flat and bulky - making it difficult to tear and chew food.

'Cosmetically they also appear rather bulky and could change his facial appearance and soft tissue structure and would also impact how he talks, sings, and raps,' he added.

Dr Koh also told Daily Mail Australia that Kanye's teeth are unlikely to be worth $850,000 as previously reported.

'Practically and clinically, the titanium, labour from both the dentist and the lab making the "teeth" wouldn't cost anywhere near this much,' he said.

'It's really hard to estimate something unique like this, but if someone were to do something like this in Australia, it would only perhaps cost maybe at most, $100k AUD or less!''

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